10 Creative and Budget Friendly Ideas For Organising Kids Toys

Its sometimes difficult to keep on top of toy organisation. You don’t want to be spending lots of money on storage solutions but you still need something that looks good and is practical.

With these ideas, you’ll be sure keep (at least some of) their toys tidy. Organising is a great skill to teach your little ones and if you make it into a fun activity then you might find that they actually enjoy it.

So read on for 10 fun (but budget friendly) ways to organise kids toys.

Personalised felt basket book-ends

A is For Aniseed

You can never have too many storage baskets right? These baskets were really plain when I bought them so I decided to add some felt pictures to personalise them. You don’t have to use felt, any fabric and fabric glue would work just as well. They were so easy to make and didn’t take long at all. Now they look so cute and are perfect for my son’s bedroom!

I’m going to use them to store little bits and pieces for now but when he’s older then he can use them for small toys.

You could change up the pictures if you wanted to…how about a princess castle? Or an animal theme with jungle critters? And you could go for different sizes too, depending on what you wanted to store in them.

How about using bigger felt boxes and putting a picture on the front of what will go inside? It’s a great way to get the little ones to help you sort out their toys at the end of each day.

I think these would make a cute gift, especially for a new baby or a baby shower.

See my simple DIY here.

Craft station/Art Cart

Found from Fun With Mama

I love this and I’ll definitely be making my own soon. It’s a great idea to keep all of their craft items in one place. It will be sure to cut down on mess and then when the crafting bug strikes, your little ones can just grab whatever they want.

This tutorial uses a cart from Ikea but I’ve been seeing similar carts everywhere recently. It looks amazing and so much fun.

I’ll definitely be wheeling this one out(side) in the summer!

Lego Stool

Found from Kids Activity Blog

Lego, Lego, Lego…, with the ability to somehow find its way under your feet, it’s every parents nightmare.

See this fun tutorial from Kids Activity Blog and make this cool Lego stool to keep the Lego in your house tidied away.

Tip: On a side note, I remember reading somewhere that the best way to using a dustpan and brush for collecting up all of those small bits and pieces of Lego. This is a complete game-changer and I’ll definitely be doing that in our house!

Magnetic strip storage for cars

Found from Keeping Up With The Souths

My eldest loves his cars. They are scattered around the living room, in all of the bedrooms, under beds, under cupboards, under the sofa…actually, forget that…they’re everywhere! They somehow seem to be multiplying.

So this idea is right up my street!

Keep all of their vehicles together with this handy magnetic strip storage from Keeping Up With The Souths. What began life as a knife holder from Ikea is transformed into a horizontal garage. Just glue a small magnet to the bottom of each vehicle and voila, you’ll never trip on a tiny car again…hey – a mum can dream, right?

Hanging toy storage for stuffed toys

Found from It’s Always Autumn

Why not try making this hanging toy storage from It’s Always Autumn? It’s a really simple DIY and will keep those pesky critters neat and tidy – and better still, off the ground!

Wall mounted bookshelves

Found from Collective Gen

This one is great for if you’re short on floor space and you want to create a reading area for your little one. The shelves are from Ikea and a really budget friendly option. I like the idea of creating a seating area beneath the shelves too.

Check out this DIY from Collective Gen, it’s so simple but looks sophisticated.

Bath toy storage

Found from Blue I Style

What an inventive way to store kids bath toys! Forget about a bath time panic where you have to search through all of the bathroom cupboards to find missing items. Everything will be within reach with these handy baskets. Found from Blue I Style, it’s made up of a tension rod and baskets from Ikea.

Puzzle storage

Found from Real Creative Real Organized

No more excuses for puzzles with missing pieces! Why not try out this handy way of storing puzzles from Real Creative Real Organized. Just cut the picture from the box and store it along with the pieces in a ziplock bag. Use one bag per puzzle and you’re all sorted. They’re easy for small fingers to open and close too. Say goodbye to packing away puzzles in bulky boxes!

Bedside storage pockets

Found from Sew Can She

Make the most of limited space in a room with these DIY bedside pockets from Sew Can She. This is a really great idea for keeping books, stuffed toys or other smallish items neat and tidy.

Hammock for stuffed toys

I remember having one of these when I was little. It hung behind my door, occasionally falling to the ground as it was secured with those suction cups (not great on a wooden door!).

You can buy a toy hammock or if you’re feeling extra crafty then you could make your own with a fitted sheet!

Hopefully some of these ideas have inspired you to organise the kids toys. I know it’s sometimes (often) difficult to find the time but once you’ve got the storage in place then it’s so much easier to keep on top of the organisation.

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