10 Inventive Ideas for Grazing Platters you Must Try

A feast for the eyes and the senses – why not create a grazing platter for the centrepiece of your next gathering?

Grazing platters are a great option as they’re so easy to put together and I love that you can use whatever is in season to really make them stand out. You could make one for any cuisine, just grab a nice platter and spread it with a mixture of fresh and homemade ingredients. Your dish will really impress whichever one of these you choose! Plus even though they look like they’ve taken a while to put together, they’re actually so easy and quick!

Why create a grazing platter?

  • They are simple to put together but look amazing.
  • There will always be something on there that will appeal to even the fussiest eaters.
  • You can make them work for any time of day plus, they can be tailored to suit any kind of gathering.
  • Easy to eat little mouthfuls – who doesn’t love to eat things off boards?!
  • If you use seasonal foods then you can save quite a bit of money

Tips for putting a great grazing platter together

  • Try to use a board/platter with a lip so that you avoid any spillages.
  • Make sure the plate is full, don’t leave empty spaces. If you do see any gaps then fill them with nuts, dried fruits or berries.
  • Decide how much you want to budget for your platter and stick to it. Go for fruit and veggies that are in season, it’s often cheaper and looks the nicest.
  • Choose foods that will suit the event; eg. don’t choose a strong cheese for a breakfast gathering. Instead, think mini pastries, fresh fruit or savoury muffins.
  • Make sure you have a good variation of different textures; think crunchy fresh vegetables, soft and hard cheeses and dips – both lumpy and smooth.
  • Combine different heights, stack things, fan things out, or roll up meats with cocktail sticks – make things look pretty.
  • Go for bright and vibrant colours if you can, I always love to add strawberries or red grapes to any grazing platter, they look beautiful and will add pops of freshness in flavour too.
  • Use small textured bowls and pots for dips/sauces.
  • It’s sometimes fun to throw on some unexpected items; think crunchy pretzels or chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Don’t put all of your ingredients out at once, keep some behind so that you can top up the platter/refresh as necessary.
  • Work in threes for the main components of your platter. You want to have a good range without overdoing it, that way guests are sure to find something they love.
  • Don’t prepare your platter too early in advance, you want the veggies to be as fresh as possible. Plan out what you want to do but don’t plate it up until the last minute.
  • Last of all, remember to have fun! You really can put whatever you like on a grazing board, so let your imagination go wild. It’s all about mixing up the ingredients that you love to create something beautiful.
  • Read on for 10 inventive ideas for grazing platters…
  • 1. Pancake grazing platter

    Everyone loves pancakes! Why not try this minimal fuss pancake platter from Simply Delicious Food? A beautiful combination of savoury and sweet components, it would make a great platter for any last minute brekkie or brunch gathering.

    How about swapping the pancakes for waffles? Or adding scrambled or poached eggs on the side?

    2. Crispy baked chicken wing platter

    Found from Foodie Crush

    Check out this juicy lookin’ chicken wing platter from Foodie Crush. Who doesn’t need something a little bit salty, spicy and fresh for game day? In fact, forget game day – I’d be happy to get stuck into this on any kinda day!

    3. Grilled vegetable platter

    Doesn’t this grilled veggie platter from Healthy GF Family look so colourful and tasty? It would be perfect to cheer up any winter gathering with its selection of roasty flavours. How about using this as an addition to a bbq?

    4. Cheese platter

    You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ plate of cheese, meats and veggies right?

    Cheese and pickles, freshly cut salad items (think cucumber and tomatoes), a selection of hams, salamis and other cured meats, olives and a mixture of dried fruits and nuts. With all of that excitement on the platter, you’re sure to hit high notes with your guests. Take a look at this one from Barefeet in the Kitchen, it looks so bright and colourful – I can’t take my eyes off it.

    5. Mexican style platter

    Made for Taco Tuesdays, gather the family round for this yummy looking taco platter from A Table Top Affair. You could change the soft tacos for crunchy ones, switch up the meat or add beef or pork strips, throw in a handful of extra spicy jalapeños to add that little something extra.

    6. Baked Potato Platter

    How amazing does this baked potato platter look from the Reluctant Entertainer? My mouth is watering already. With the addition of the crunchy corn chips and crispy bacon, there’s a great mix of textures in there. It’s a sure way to bring people together in both the winter and the summer.

    7. Smoked salmon platter

    Found from How Sweet Eats

    Serve with a side of fresh bagels and a jug of freshly brewed coffee, this platter from How Sweet Eats is sure to impress anyone.

    8. Vegan grazing platter

    Found from The Edgy Veg

    Even though I’m not vegan, everything on this vegan platter looks appealing to me. This fresh and crunchy looking tasting board from The Edgy Veg is sure to give you an edge at any party.

    9. Chocolate tasting platter

    Found from Bake Play Smile

    Wow. Just. Wow. This one from Bake Play Smile is definitely a chocolate lover’s dream and it’s super quick and easy to throw together. If you wanted to, why not add some extra fruit – something like blueberries or grapes would be perfect, just for a few extra pops of freshness. Or how about adding a small pot of raspberry sauce for texture? Oooh, or how about a dish of cream or some kind of alcohol based sauce?

    10. Middle Eastern tasting platter

    Found from Host the Toast

    I love the idea of taking a theme and running with it. What better way to showcase a variety of Middle Eastern dishes, than to create this amazing looking tasting platter?! Plus, how shiny, plump and delicious do those olives look?! Everything can be made a couple of days in advance. Hop on over to Host the Toast to check out how to make it.

    I hope you enjoyed these great tips and ideas for tasting plates. Why not give some of them a try for your next party?!

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