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22 DIY Wall Decor Ideas On A Budget

Leaf wall art

It’s not difficult to make your own wall decor if you’re on a tight budget! Just by thinking outside the box, you can easily come up with something that will suit both your space and personality.

A good piece of wall decor doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be bright and bold or simple and calming. It’s totally up to you.

Home decor nowadays isn’t just putting up a picture up on the wall – there are loads of alternative options out there. It’s fun to look for something a little different. Anything goes, if you like it…why not put it up?!

Several of these ideas will work great for jazzing up a rental place too. It’s easy to get removable hooks which can be taken down when you need to.

Making use of items you have around the house, printing something off or searching secondhand shops are all great ways to spruce up your home.

So read on for some really cool ways to create your own wall decor…

Washi Tape wall art.

Heart Washi Tape Wall Art Above A SofaFound from A Beautiful Mess

Washi tape comes in all sorts of fun colours and designs. Why not use it to brighten up a blank wall? Or how about using it to outline a doorway or entrance hall?

You can be as creative as you want.

The best part about using washi tape is that it can be stuck directly onto the wall. Go for a good quality tape so that it sticks properly and doesn’t lift or curl at the edges.

Then, when you’re ready for a change, just peel it off gently and you’ve got a blank canvas again!

Make your own quote wall art.

Is there a quote you love? Something motivational, a song lyric or even a passage from your favourite book could easily be made into a beautiful piece of wall art.

Simply open a word document, type it out in a fancy font, change up the colour and the size and print it out.

Pop it in a nice frame and voila, you’ve got your very own homemade wall art.

Perfect for a smaller space or nook that needs a little something.

Paint square collage.

Most hardware or paint shops have sample colours that you can pick up for cheap (or even free!).

Get them in your favourite colours, cut up into shapes, stick them on card or a board and make something fun and colourful which is sure to brighten up any wall.

Postcard collage.

I used to love collecting postcards from different places but never knew what to do with them. Until now!

Make a collage by sticking postcards side by side. Frame them or even put them directly on the wall and make a framed outline with washi tape.

It would make a great talking point too – postcards nearly always have some kind of story behind them (literally!).

Framed fabrics.

Have a look around your local fabric store for material you like, buy some swatches and put them up on the wall. Don’t forget to look in the bargain area too as there are often end of roll fabrics.

You can get as much or as little as you like depending on the size of the area you want to decorate.

I like the idea of cutting it into a circle or a hexagon and framing it. Or perhaps stretch it taught and staple it onto a wooden box frame….there are so many possibilities.

Use plates as art.

Yes you read that right – plates. Maybe more decorative than the ones you eat your dinner from, but plates all the same.

You could find some with unusual designs at a thrift store, or you could even paint your own. Bright colours or interesting designs will really brighten up a dull wall.

Arrange them however you like and put hook them up.

Framed embroidery or cross stitch.

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in a bit of embroidery or cross stitch recently? Or maybe someone has given you a piece of stitching as a gift?

If you’re thinking about creating something then DMC has some brilliant free patterns available.

You can display it on the wall for everyone to enjoy!

Feature rug.

Second hand shops, junk shops or antique shops are great places to find a feature rug or runner.

Something with bold colours or intricate patterns would really brighten up a plain wall.

All you have to do is put up a couple of hooks and hang it up.

Shelves with succulents.

Small floating shelves with plants (fake or real) or succulents would bring some greenery and freshness to any room.

Perhaps put up three or four small shelves in steps across the wall.

Make a horizontal branch wall hanging.

Get a large branch and tie cord/twine around it at intervals. Thread with beads, flowers or even attach pegs for photographs!

It’d make a great focal point on the wall above the bed.

Framed dried or fake flowers/leaves.

Bring the outside in by creating your very own piece of flower/leaf art. Arrange either dried or fake flowers/leaves in a frame, press them down flat and seal.

Or you could fill a frame with colourful dried leaves to give your home an autumn feel all year round.

A small frame full of dried flowers would look good in the bathroom.

String art.

Hammer nails into a board and weave coloured string in between the nails. It might sound a little complicated but it isn’t!

There are loads of online tutorials available. You can make anything from cacti to a ‘home sweet home’ board.

Printable artwork.

Websites like Etsy sell heaps of different types of printables at reasonable prices.

You can find anything from landscapes to cityscapes to abstract artwork.

After you have made your purchase, simply open the file, print it out and frame it! You can often download the images in different sizes depending on what you need.

Paper quilling.

Autumn Tree artwork made by Paper QuillingFound from ArtsyCraftsyMom

Perhaps you remember doing paper quilling as a child at school? It involves rolling up strips of coloured paper and sticking them together to create a picture.

Bring it up to date by using patterned, gold or silver paper.

Frame kids artwork.

Everyone loves their child’s artwork right? Why not frame some of their drawings or paintings to put up on the wall.

Impressionists watch out!

Mix and match gallery wall art.

You can find patterns in the most random places; a tissue box with a fun print or even a disposable coffee cup.

Cut out small samples, put them in separate frames and arrange them on the wall however you like! Mix the frame sizes for extra interest.

There’s no right or wrong way to put them up, it’s all about creating something that you can enjoy.

Display unusual items.

Have you ever thought of displaying something completely different?

A sign, an old number plate or even some kind of antique would make a great piece of wall art.

Kinoptic art.

Take two separate images, cut each one into vertical strips. Then stick them on a piece of card one by one, alternating with a piece from each of the two images.

You’ll be left with an almost optical illusion. How cool is that?!

Enlarge and frame a personal photograph.

If you took a great picture whilst you were on holiday, now is the time to use it. Perhaps you snapped the perfect beach scene or a cobbled street on a foggy morning.

Whatever it was, have you ever thought about enlarging the print and putting it up on the wall?

It’s always really interesting when a picture has a personal story behind it.

Display collection.

Have you got a collection stashed away somewhere gathering dust in a box?

Figurines, collectors cards, mugs, memorabilia…whatever you have, why not put them on display?

This idea would be perfect for a games room or home bar.

Divide up one piece of art.

Take a poster of your favourite piece of artwork. It could be anything but landscape scenes would probably work best. Cut it up into three or four separate sections and frame each piece individually.

It’ll bring a whole new dimension to the image.

Frame a jigsaw puzzle.

It always seems like such a shame when the time comes to pack away a completed jigsaw puzzle.

Now you don’t have to! Put it in a frame and hang it up on the wall for everyone to see.

Jigsaw puzzles come in all shapes, sizes and designs so it’s not too difficult to find something that will suit your space. There are some amazing designs out there too.

And the best thing about framing a jigsaw puzzle? If you decide that you don’t like it anymore, you can easily replace it with another.

Hopefully some of these ideas will have given you inspiration to fill that blank wall!

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