7 Genius Ways to Use Bicarbonate of Soda

Ahh, Bicarb my old friend! I know your name is Sodium Bicarbonate but as we’re so well acquainted can I just call you bicarb? You don’t mind do you?…

Bicarb is wonderful stuff that can be used for anything from cooking, (think baking bread and cookies) to cleaning, (say goodbye to dull silver jewellery and lacklustre floors) to homemade beauty products, (think facial scrubs, shampoo or natural deodorants) – the possibilities are endless.

It’s so versatile, has been around for centuries and the best part – it’s so cheap!

Here are a few other uses for bicarb that you may not know about….

Give your laundry basket a new lease of life

Is your laundry basket smelling a little funky? Just cut a circle of lightweight fabric, the size of a dinner plate and place a large handful of bicarb in the centre. Add some lavender stalks or a few drops of your favourite essential oils, gather up the fabric and secure with an elastic band or a ribbon. Throw it into your basket and voila, no more musty smell.

Mozzie bite relief

Hands up if you hate those pesky mozzies! Usually by the time you see them, it’s too late. Mix some bicarb into a paste with a little water, rub them on mosquito bites and the itch will be gone in no time.

Sports drink

For your own DIY sports drink, mix 1tsp bicarb, 1 tbs salt, 5 tsps sugar and 2 ¼ pints of water to a sugar free drink and refrigerate. A quick recipe that can be thrown together after a tough session at the gym.

Itchy eyes

Hay fever time of year again? No fear, bicarb is here. Add half a teaspoon of bicarb to half a glass of water and bathe your eyes with an eyebath. The itching should quickly subside. This mixture will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

Cleaning mugs and cups

Are your ceramic or melamine cups stained from tea and coffee? Make a paste of bicarb and water, leave the solution in the cup for a while, then scrub and rinse.

Freshen up your swimming costume

If you’re like me then you’ll hate the smell of chlorine or salt on your swimsuit after a dip. Just soak the garment in a mixture of warm water and bicarb for an hour or two and then wash as normal. Your swimwear will stay looking great for longer and the smell will be gone.

Pork Crackling

If you like crispy crackling then bicarb can do the trick. Smear some bicarb onto the pork skin before cooking, score with criss-cross cuts using a sharp knife. Not only is it great for crackling, it will help keep the meat tender too.

So grab your box of bicarb and give these a go. Let me know what you think and if you have any bicarb hacks yourself, I’d love to hear them!

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