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9 Tips for Saving Money at the Movies

There are times when watching a movie on a small screen just doesn’t cut it.

Going to the movies is a whole experience. The surround sound that makes you feel as though you’re there, the comfy seats you can sink into and lets not forget the buttery salty popcorn…all of these things make going to the cinema so much more fun.

Unfortunately, it can also be a bit of a costly activity. Luckily it doesn’t have to be.

Try out these 9 tips below to help you save money on your next trip to the cinema.

Check the cinema for days with special deals

These are usually during the week when the cinemas struggle to fill seats. Think Cheap Tuesdays,

Keep a lookout for daytime deals too. If you have kids (and don’t mind a little extra noise), why not take them along to the kids film club? Usually the tickets are cheaper for both the little ones and parents. Or how about giving

Join the cinema loyalty club

Most cinema chains will have some kind of loyalty club that you can join (often for a small fee). They are usually really good value for money as they will offer discounted tickets and sometimes deals on drinks and snacks too. By the time you’ve used the card a few times, you will have covered the cost of purchasing it. The loyalty cards are great if you generally go to the cinema a few times a month.

Don’t upgrade to 3D

It’s always much cheaper just to stick to the standard film screenings.

If you do want to go for a 3D film, buy the 3D glasses once and always remember to bring them with you the next time.

Eat before you go

Always make sure that you have eaten before you go. With a full stomach, you won’t need to fork out to buy snacks to keep you going through the film.

However, if you can’t resist a sweet treat then why not…

Take your own snacks and drinks

The snack bar at the cinema always charges premium prices for popcorn, sweets, chocolates and drinks. Take along your own food and drinks to minimise this expense.

Some restaurants do special dinner and cinema deals

Fancy a night out? A nice dinner and a movie? Check for restaurants in the vicinity of the cinema offering special meal deals plus movie ticket.

Check the prices of all the cinemas in your area

It’s worth looking at all of the different cinemas in your area as some will sell cheaper tickets than others.

Just remember to factor in the cost of getting there. There’s no point in travelling miles out of your way just to save a few cents. However, if it’s worth your while then always pick the cheaper option.

Online surveys

Several of the online survey companies (Swagbucks, …) offer you the option to convert any money you earn into cinema vouchers.

Take part in a few surveys and your next trip to the movies could be covered!

Join competitions for free movie tickets

This one isn’t guaranteed but it’s a great way to snag freebies. There are always heaps of competitions running – just do a quick search for ‘win movie tickets’ in your area and something will come up.

I’ve seen loads of films that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise this way.

I hope that some of these ideas will help you save money on your next trip to the cinema!

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