DIY Kids Felt Basket Book Ends

After embarking on a huge quiet book project last year, I still have a heap of felt left over in several different colours. (Don’t be deceived by the pictures below, I restrained myself and only took photos of a couple of colours.)

Baskets are always an easy storage solution for any bedroom (especially for the kids) but often, the best value baskets aren’t really kid friendly. With this simple DIY, you can turn any boring dish, box or basket into something waaaay more eye catching! I decided to use mine as book ends – just fill them with something heavy so that they won’t slide.

You will need:

  • 3 Felt baskets (I used small rectangles, 2.8(H)x8.1(W)x6.1(D)in)
  • Felt (stiff felt for the base shape is best if your image hangs over the edge a little. You don’t want it to flop down at the top.)
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper template of picture you want to use (I used this fire engine image and this train image.)

1. Cut out your base shape and other parts for the vehicles from the felt.

2. Stick everything on with the fabric glue (wheels, windows, ladder etc). I did a little bit of black stitching for the extra detail on the hose. If you wanted to, you could just use a black pen.

3. Glue each vehicle onto the side of your basket. Make sure that you let them dry completely as you don’t want the pictures to slide around.

Enjoy your new felt baskets book-ends!

Note: Your baskets don’t have to be felt, they can be any kind of material, as long as the glue sticks! The same goes for the vehicles, you can use any fabric you like.

So go ahead and make your own cute felt baskets to brighten up any room!

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