12 Ideas For Kid Friendly Toy Storage (Cheap and Easy)

Are you looking for different ways to store children’s toys? Make tidy-up-time fun with these simple kid friendly toy storage ideas!

Surely there has to be a way to keep (at least some of) their toys tidy, right?

I hear you. Sometimes it’s really difficult to keep on top of toy organisation. You don’t want to be spending lots of money on storage solutions but you still need something that looks good and is practical. Anything that will keep their Lego, stuffed toys or toy cars under control!

There’s nothing worse than looking around a room filled with toys and not having anywhere to put them.

You need storage. Not just any storage though…it has to be child friendly.

Kids toy storage needs to appeal to them.

If you can get the children on board with the tidying up then you’re one step closer to keeping things a bit more organised. That means keeping toy storage simple.

Think clear containers, bright colours, catches or lids that are easy to open/close.

Think age appropriate labels, easy access (eg. lower to the ground) or wheels to make it easy to move around.

Simple ways to encourage children to tidy up

Organising is a great skill to teach your little ones and if you make it into a fun activity then you might find that they actually enjoy it (or at least don’t mind).

Try to:

  • Set a good example.
  • Show them how/offer to tidy up together.
  • Make tidying into a game. Set a timer/play a song and race to pack away as much as you can during that time.
  • Give them words of encouragement if they’re doing well. You could set up a reward chart with stickers.
  • Make sure that they know where things belong e.g, storage bins with picture labels for Lego, stuffed toys etc.
  • During play time, encourage them to pack one item away before getting something else out.
  • Let them help you to find ‘homes’ for some of their things.

Ultimately, it’s all about encouraging good habits little by little. The more often you get them to help tidy up, the more likely they are to accept it as part of their routine.

12 cheap and easy kid friendly toy storage ideas

Plastic boxes with lids for under bed storage

If you’ve got space under the bed then plastic boxes with lids are perfect for creating extra storage for kids toys. They’re cheap, pretty durable and once you clip the lid on and push it under the bed – the toys are pretty much out of sight.

Go for the clear boxes so that it’s easier to see what’s inside before opening the lid. That way, if they’re looking for something specific then it’ll be easier to find it.

Plus, the boxes with wheels are the best for sliding out from under the bed.

Lego Storage

Kids toy storage for LegoFound from Kids Activity Blog

Lego, Lego, Lego…, with the ability to somehow find its way under your feet, it’s every parents nightmare…but not anymore!

See this fun tutorial from Kids Activity Blog and make this cool Lego stool to keep the Lego in your house tidied away.

If you can’t find a similar stool, any storage box with a flat lid will do. Simply stick a Lego base plate to the lid and you have room for kid friendly toy storage and play!

Tip: Use a dustpan and brush for collecting up all of those small bits and pieces of Lego quickly!

Personalised felt baskets

Kids toy storage baskets

You can never have too many baskets right? A few small toy storage baskets are perfect for those little bits and pieces.

These felt baskets were really plain when I bought them so I decided to add some extra felt pictures to personalise them. You don’t have to use felt, any fabric and glue would work just as well. They were so easy to make and didn’t take long. Now they look unique and are perfect for my son’s bedroom!

You could change up the pictures if you wanted to…what about a princess castle? Or an animal theme with jungle critters? And you could go for different sizes too, depending on what you wanted to store in them.

Try using bigger felt boxes and putting a picture on the front of what will go inside? It’s a great way to get the little ones to help you sort out their toys at the end of each day.

These might even make a cute gift, especially for a new baby or a baby shower.

See my simple DIY here.

Craft station/Art Cart

Craft trolley organiser

Transform this three tier trolley into a craft station. Fill it with different sized plastic tubs, containers or tubes for storage. Perfect for pencils, pens, glue, felt, googly eyes, card, paints and any other craft items they may have.

If you don’t want to buy containers, that’s perfectly fine too. Collect butter tubs, ice cream tubs or peanut butter jars and label them.

It’s a great idea to keep all of their craft items in one place. This is definitely a kid friendly storage idea and it’ll be sure to cut down on mess and then when the crafting bug strikes. Your little ones can just grab and use whatever they want.

I’ll definitely be wheeling this one out(side) in the summer!

Magnetic strip storage for cars

Kids Toy car organisation

Found from Keeping Up With The Souths

My eldest son loves his cars. By the end of the day, they are scattered around the living room, in all of the bedrooms, under beds, under cupboards, under the sofa…actually, forget that…they’re everywhere! They somehow seem to be multiplying.

So this idea is right up my street!

Keep all of their vehicles together with this handy magnetic strip storage from Keeping Up With The Souths. What began life as a knife holder from Ikea is transformed into a horizontal garage. Just glue a small magnet to the bottom of each vehicle and voila, you’ll never trip on a tiny car again…hey – a mum can dream, right?

Hanging toy storage for stuffed toys

Kids cuddly toy storage Found from It’s Always Autumn

Why not try making this hanging toy storage from It’s Always Autumn? It’s a really simple DIY and will keep those pesky critters neat and tidy – and better still, off the ground!

Or alternatively, try a…

Hammock for stuffed toys

I remember having one of these when I was little. It was a good way of keeping cuddly toys together in one place.

You can buy a ready made toy hammock or if you’re feeling extra crafty then you could make your own with a fitted sheet!

Wall mounted bookshelves

Kids Bookshelf

What started off as a spice rack from Ikea, could easily be used as a kids bookshelf. It’s really budget friendly and doesn’t need any alterations.

Just attach one or two to the wall and you can stand the books up behind the bar.

To make this storage idea more kid friendly, just attach the shelf a bit lower on the wall so that they can grab books themselves.

This one is great for if you’re short on floor space and you want to create a child friendly reading area.

Bath toy storage

Kids bath toy storage Found from Blue I Style

This is such an inventive way to store kids bath toys! Forget about a bath time panic where you have to search through all of the bathroom cupboards to find missing items.

Everything will be within reach with these handy baskets. Found from Blue I Style, it’s made up of a tension rod and baskets from Ikea.

Puzzle storage

Puzzle organisation basketFound from Real Creative Real Organized

No more excuses for puzzles with missing pieces! Why not try out this handy way of storing puzzles from Real Creative Real Organized.

Just cut the picture from the box and store it along with the pieces in a ziplock bag. Use one bag per puzzle and you’re all sorted. They’re easy for small fingers to open and close too.

Say goodbye to packing away puzzles in bulky boxes!

Bedside storage pockets

Create extra storage with some bedside storage pockets. Use a sofa caddy (or two) from a discount store. Just place some of the storage pocket beneath the mattress so that it doesn’t move.

Or make your own with a tutorial from Sew Can She. This is a really great idea for keeping books, stuffed toys or other smallish items neat and tidy.

Use old ice cream tubs, butter tubs, biscuit tins, spice jars etc as storage

Old food tubs or boxes are perfect for all of those small bits and pieces. It’s much easier to separate everything and keep track of where the bits belong. Label the tubs so you know what belongs in there. This is a really budget friendly idea and reduces the chances of losing things under the sofa!

If you’re feeling extra crafty then you could paint them different colours.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you with your kid friendly toy storage dilemma (even if you’re on a budget).

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